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I have many interests.  I'm like that saying "jack of all trades, master of none".  That saying is often times used to mean a bad thing, but I find some good in it.  Good because I have alot of hobbies and skilled in many things.  Bad only because I get bored easily and tend to move on to the next thing. 

Some of my interests are: 

Writing poetry and short stories, making scented candles and soaps, designing clothes, making websites for friends, photography (I take most of my own pics), and painting. 

I like to collect things.  I collect fine art, Marilyn Monroe items, shot glasses, liquor and other bar items, chinese dragons, swords, and other oriental items. 

I have a huge interest in saving animals.  I often try to "foster" animals but what happens is that I tend to keep them because I typically can't give them away once I have them.  I have had a total of about 19 pets (some were foster).  14  dogs, 4 cats, and 1 rooster.  Yes, a rooster! :)  His name was Tom and I had gotten him as a gift for Easter one year.  I currently have 6 dogs, Bradley, Chico, Lily, Colby, Dutch and Nikki. 

I am a memeber of PETA, however, I am not in agreeance with all the actions they take.  Throwing paint on a fur coat is just dumb in my opinion.  People will just buy a new one which causes a greater demand, which, in turn, will just cause the death of more animals.   

I have an interest in Scientology.  I am not a Scientologist.  I am simply interested in learning about it so I read the various Scientology books.  So far, I find they are a lot like self help books.  In the same regard, I am interested in Wicca and Paganism.  For the record, that does not mean I worship the devil or go around jumping on couches! lol

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