Pro Wrestling Diva "Jaci Johnson"



by: Jaci 

Black is my soul
Like a bottomless hole
Black is my heart
In this world...
I wanna depart.

A vortex of despair
With no remorse...
Or even a care
Has swallowed me whole

My life is now...
Taking its toll

Once again...
I've committed a sin

I am losing it...
I'm falling in.

Black is my soul
Like a gaping hole
Black in my heart
From this world...
I wanna new start.


by: Jaci 

creeping through the streets of nowhere
was i when he caught my stare
his mane so dark flowing like wind
black piercing eyes burning my skin
smelling the scent of hidden fear
of losing another he holds so dear
this to him was all to real
for his heart he do conceal
my love he saw was worth the trust
knowing this was no ordinary lust
exposed he bear true heart and soul
cherished through years of young and old
he is my love and forever friend
my love i'll give him until the end

So Far Away

by: Jaci

When I looked into your eyes
I saw our future arise
but you've gone so far away.

I yearned for us to be together
Having you in my life forever
but you've gone so far away.

Looking into your eyes
I see our future demise
because you've gone so far away.

As you lay here in front of me
I wonder where your mind could be
because you've gone so far away.

In my arms you're dying
As you slip away I'm crying
Now you're so far away.


 by: Jaci

The sickness inside
Eats me to the core
Wanting always
Feeding off sadness
And embraced by misery
Seducing every inch
The pain within me
Never curing
The soul
Waking no more
The sickness inside
Eats me to the core

Standing There

 by: Jaci

I walked in not knowing what to expect. I glanced up and
there you where~~ The most incredible vision I have ever
seen. It was as if an angel had fallen to the earth and
graced me with his presence. As our eyes met, I felt my
heart begin to pulse begin to race. Could
this be true or even possible that someone like you could
really exist?
I take a step closer, my pounding heart is now in my pulse is suddenly still. I think to
myself~~ What am I to say once I reach you? I close my
eyes, take a deep breath, and reassure myself this is
NOT a dream. I open my eyes, look around, but the room
is empty.
I don't understand...
I look in despair...
I could have sworn...
I saw you standing there.

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